Forty-five years ago, Tom Taylor (aka Thoss W. Taylor, aka the Poet Spiel) unveiled his 100-piece conceptual art showConsider Your Confine, in Los Angeles. Starting today, you can see it at the San Juan Gallery at Pueblo Community College (900 Orman Ave., Pueblo) in its entirety.

Taylor, who most often goes by the Poet Spiel today, is a longtime Pueblo artist we’ve profiled in the past, with a decades-long career of painting, drawing, sculpture and poetry commenting on his conservative, rural upbringing; the notion of the American Dream; and his own emotional and physical pain.

Confine isn’t as much a visual collection, but a kind of thought experiment that Spiel partnered with the input of his friends and those in his social circle (including Dalton Trumbo and T Bone Burnett).

The physical elements of the show are limited edition prints that appear much like notes from the artist’s sketchbook, carefully logged and signed by all participants. Yet, as with most everything Spiel does, there’s a ferocious undercurrent, fueled by a primal need to create and a rage against the establishment.

You can read a detailed breakdown of it here.

In 2013, Confine was accepted into the permanent collection of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Museum director and chief curator Blake Milteer wrote at the time that, “Consider Your Confine is accordingly a work of art, an extended poem, and an intensive inquiry into the meaning of who we are and how we’re limited (or not) by confines imposed by ourselves, others, and society. … Consider Your Confine is a big idea presented in an intimate form with a lot of heart and a hint of humor.”

Below are some examples from the show, which will host a reception Thurs., March 12 from 5-6:30 p.m. Confine will be on display through April 8, open Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From: Indy Blog