once upon a farmboy


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Published by Madman Ink

Poetry, 52 pages

David Chorlton : Renowned independent press poet/critic, about “once upon a farmboy.”
The visual indications of details remembered with clarity over the years bring vigor to these poems as well as providing the reader with the tangible reminders of objects that are ordinary in themselves yet become almost mythological in the the context of lives remembered. There is innocence both in the time recalled and in the eye of the author seeing what he saw at the time, yet the calm moments feel ominous. Something is going on, has gone on, what you see with people going about family business and going to church an’ all ain’t the whole story. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. … Each person’s story is an individual one, not something in a one-size-fits-all mode, but the telling of the circumstances does, when it is honest, create references for others to see they are/were not alone on their experiences. In fact, none of us are isolated from the world Spiel knew and its continuing influence on America’s image of itself. … Understanding one person’s journey through life is a huge step in understanding the big picture.
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