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28 short stores of passion, pathos and payback


Combine chemistry of the taunting title, Dirty Sheets, with the fervent voice of Spiel, you’re bound to discover in-your-face irony.

–Michael Hathaway

Imagine a world where the people in it are the sum total of the big box stores they shop at, the products they buy there and whose warped world view is shaped by the televisions they watch, and you have some idea of the mental capacity of the characters in Spiel’s DIRTY SHEETS. Theirs is not the quiet desperation that Thoreau speaks of, but desperation primed: highly vocal, expressive and willfully ignorant. Oddly, and these stories are extreme in their oddness, there is a real poetry to all this self-defining, manic speech that is so unique and particular, is so elemental, the reader cannot help but be swept along the absurd, surreal streams of consciousness. DIRTY SHEETS, simply put, is a unique, unforgettable reading experience.

–Alan Catlin

There’s something rocky and poignant and beautifully broken about the voice of The Poet Spiel.

–Stephanie Dickinson, author of Half Girl and The Lust Series

I’ve come to expect zany irreverence from Spiel and in DIRTY SHEETS, he delivers enough to last you until you want to return to his work for more of the same.

–Geoffrey Beal


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